International Business Law Advisory (IBLA) Department was established in 2012 as SDS Int’l Group Sub department, relating to Business law practice, by Dr. Homa Rashid Ph.D., the Managing Director and Regional Action Center Coordinator for UN Sustainable knowledge Platform in Iran and near Asia. Since then, the Department has grown to become one of the most professional legal firms in IRAN and has built a national and international reputation in providing professional legal services.

This reputation is a result of the Department’s continued commitment to excellence.



Our Policy

is to provide the highest standard of client care whilst ensuring full awareness of the realities of the commercial and corporate world



Our Philosophy

is that the Department will work hard to make sure that your business finds success and prosperity in Libya. We will, therefore, strive to deliver a comprehensive service to all our clients by providing your business with full legal support as well as any administrative and logistical assistance that you may require. Over the years, the Firm’s policy and philosophy have proved to be successful and we are proud to claim some of the biggest corporate names in the world among our clients



Our Value

 is our clients’ confidence in our abilities is a result of our commitment. IBLA is engaged in several, diverse practice areas that ensure that the Firm is fully involved in all aspects of commercial, Investment and corporate activity in IRAN. We attach the same importance and commitment to all our practice areas regardless of the size of the sector