What is Business Law

Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the government.
Construction Contracts in Iran’s Body of Law: Post-Sanctions Strategy

Although there are several similarities between construction law in Iran and other countries, it has its own rules and regulations which are different from the construction industry of the West.
How to Save the Family Business for the Next Generations

The Family Business Institute has reported that just 30 percent of family-owned businesses survive past the next generation, with only 12 percent making it to a third generation
Economic Sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Human Rights Perspective

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Islamic Republic of Iran has always exposed to various international sanctions due to different reasons and excuses. They put Iran under different sanctions directly or indirectly through international organizations, under the pretext of creating an international order. As matter of fact, they pursue their own foreign policy goals and use sanctions as a means to achieve those goals.
European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights is an international court, which was set up in 1959, in Strasbourg, to examine alleged violations and ensure compliance by the States with their undertakings under the European Convention on Human Rights.
Oil and Gas Industry in Iran’s Body of Law Post-Sanctions Strategy

The Ministry of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for all kinds of oil and gas activities. The Ministry by itself has got the four major subsidiaries body as follows which undertake implementation and operation of the above mentioned activities:
The Importance of Convergence and Legal Partnering: The New Business Model

The convergence revolution is well underway in many American corporate boardrooms. Companies and their preferred law firms have begun to embrace “partnering” arrangements as the great panacea to their ailing business relationships. Partnering and convergence practices in recent years have done to the legal business landscape what Viagra has done to the geriatric community.